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0.3 to 5 square meter


6 to 10 square meter


11 to 30 square meter

Pequeño 3 x 5 mts

Small 0.3 to 5 square meters


Our small units are ideal for storing boxes, suitcases, small household items, inventory, or dead files for your business. Whether you are storing seasonal items or you just need to clear some space for your home.



  • Personal padlock and 3 copies of keys.
  • Led lights with motion sensor in the corridors.
  • Individual alarm.
  • Free use of forklift and jack pallet.

Available in this location:

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Medium 6 x 12 mts

Medium 6 to 10 square meters


Our medium units are ideal for storing the contents of a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. Whether you’re clearing space for a remodel project, temporarily storing while you move, or storing inventory for your business or startup.



  • Candado personal y 3 copias de llaves.
  • Luces led con sensor de movimiento en los pasillos.
  • Alarma individual.
  • Uso gratuito de carretilla y jack pallet.

Available in this locations:

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Large 13 x 30 mts

Large 11 to 30 square meters


Nuestras unidades grandes son ideales para almacenar artículos de una casa de dos a cinco habitaciones.
Ya sea que va hacer un viaje prolongado, mudarse a un nuevo hogar o reducir costos guardando inventario para su empresa.



  • Personal padlock and 3 copies of keys.
  • Led lights with motion sensor in the corridors.
  • Individual alarm.
  • Free use of forklift and jack pallet.

Available in this locations:

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How much space do I need?

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The first everyone asks when they are considering rental self-storage in Panama is ‘how much space do I need’

Your free space for storage

Regardless of how many things that you want to store, it is never easy knowing what size of self-storage unit that you should rent. When you look at the items spaced out in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, factory, or office it is not a simple task to calculate the amount of space required when the items are packaged and placed together.

Self-storage units of different sizes are rented by individuals and businesses for a multitude of reasons. It could be due to renovation, moving, or downsizing but running out of space at home or at your workplace is not good and therefore self-storage at Mega Storage is a perfect solution.

What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

The first mistake many people make is to think that they need a massive self-storage unit the size of the area that they are moving the items out of.

You must look at all the items and think how you can pack them to fully utilize ‘hidden’ storage space. For example, you can put smaller items into dressers, chests of drawers or cupboards. If the furniture units are big enough, then you can even store boxes, cartons, or cases inside which will save a considerable amount of space.

A task that you must do is to create a full inventory list for each box or crate, so you know where you stored everything. You must not forget to clearly label the boxes so that you know exactly where each item is stored. A master inventory list is vital if you need to regularly access your storage unit to move things in and out, and so do not want to waste time going through the entire unit to find one item.

Do not forget to update the inventory list with items that you have removed or added to the storage unit each time you do it.

Utilize the Available Storage Space

When enquiring about the sizes of Mega Storage’ rental self-storage in Panama, do not forget to ask about the height of the ceiling as you may have some tall items. Different from storing furniture around a room, it will be possible to stack items to maximize the full height of the unit.

However, you must pack and stack safely, and keep heavier boxes and items at the bottom of the storage unit and lighter, more fragile items on top to stop them from being crushed.

At MEGA Storage Panama, we will provide you with all the necessary information about our storage units so you that you can thoughtfully plan your self-storage exercise.

If you want to store two desks, two office chairs, a small cabinet and a microwave, you can rent a unit of 2 m2  or up. If the goal is to store the contents of a room it might require more space.

Our storage price and size guide will give you a clear idea of the unit size and how much you can store in an individual unit.

How much is a rental self-storage in Panama?

The price of rental self-storage in Panama involves more than just the cost of the storage.

You must take into account:

  • What type of storage insurance is included in the rental price?
  • What transportation costs you will incur if you need to hire a van or pickup?
  • If there are access charges for out of hours visits and are the charges per visit or monthly fee?
  • Are there refundable security deposits?

Cancellation Charges

Things change and sometimes you will need to shorten or extend the date of your self-storage rental. Ask what Mega Storage do in these circumstances. We ask for 30 days notice to withdraw, the reason is that the contracts are month-to-month.